Saturday, 23 July 2016

The astrological causes of the grim "zeitgeist" running now through Europe!

According to the myth, Jupiter the father of all gods in the disguise of a bull abducted the beautiful phoenician princess Europa and brought her to the european continent! In this way the continent of Europe was "inaugurated"! Every myth is rich in symbolism and this specific one is recounting to us the fact that the current European continent was bound to become a blessed land, a land that would display at its fullest the archetypes of royalty, of joviality and of taurean stability and prosperity.

Fast forward some thousand years and Europe today is indeed the most prosperous, serene and cultured continent worldwide. Or at least it used to be. Because in the last few months things seem to have radically changed, due to a series of ferocious terrorist attacks that ultimately spred a lot of terror (deadly attacks and killing sprees both in northern and southern France, in Belgium, in Germany). It seems that the careless years have gone away, no more romantic walks along the river Seine in Paris or anywhere else in Europe, since everywhere now there is an odor of gun-powder on the air! Everybody looks suspicious and each corner (no matter how cozy or romantic) is fraught with danger! The enemy is within and everywhere a potential terrorist is lurking! That's a rather unnerving sensation, causing massive paranoia throughout the European citizens! Their cities are transformed into over-extended prisons! So, what is the astrological reason that brought over this blick, disruptive and fearful “zeitgeist” to the old continent?

Definitely Pluto in Capricorn has a lot to do with it. You see the sign of Capricorn is somehow rapresenting the structured and organized societies - our urban landscape, our cities. And Pluto (the "grim ripper", the bearer of primeval fear) is transiting for 9 years now in the sign of Capricorn (and over the "World's MC" - you may read about the importance of this phenomenon here). Additionally, Pluto is a planet intimately connected to the masses and to the tragic collective events. Of course Pluto transited several times in the last two-three millennia over the sign of Capricorn. Βut its impact upon humanity was rather minimal back then. You see, the disruptive and transformative effect of Pluto in Capricorn escalated from the moment our structured, industrialized societies and mega-cities appeared in the horizon (mostly from the 19th century on. So, humanity is actually experiencing this Pluto in Capricorn effect for the first time ever!)

Pluto has to do with the so called "agoraphobia" too - the fear of crowds. If you are currently in Europe and you walk among many people or if you stand amidst a crowd (i.e. in a concert) then definitely the - not that absurd by now - thought of being shot or even bombed will be repeatedly crossing your mind! And there are other factors contributing to this paranoia: the current Saturn - Neptune square aspect, which is not facilitating us in stop thinking irrationally and in coming to our senses. And of course the overall Jupiter - Saturn - Neptune T-square (with the "double whammy" element of Saturn being in the sign of Sagittarius and at the same time squaring planet Jupiter! That's par excellence the fear of the unknown, of the person standing beside us whom we don't know, the fear of anybody belonging to a different ethnic background or religion...)

Rebellious planet Uranus in the ultra-individualistic sign of Aries has its fair share too! It brings forth the uprising of the individuals. That would be a good thing, if creatively channelled. But if we put in the mix the newly found planetoid Eris then things are getting more dynamic and complex. You see Eris has to do with the people who are “uninvited”, “unwanted”. To the Europeans these “uninvited” people seem to be the muslims (who on their turn perceive the Europeans as invadors and usurpers of their own lands and goods (they call the Europeans “the infidel crusadors”). And the fact is that we are currently in the middle of a volatile triple conjunction between the planets Uranus and Eris, a conjunction that is ever more exacerbating the tension between the uninvited muslims and the european christians! It's not by chance that with this Uranus -Eris conjunction the phenomenon of “the lonely wolf” kind of terrorist appeared! In their perspective, the atrocities they commit on european soil are nothing more than mere "retributions" for the sufferings inflicted upon them by the Europeans!

I've done some research on the impact of the Uranus – Eris conjunction over the human history. Of course it is preliminary to draw any definite conclusions but apparently this conjunction is coinciding with some rather odd and "out of the norm" periods of our history! It coincided i.e. with the outbreak of many revolutionary movements (especially in China). And with the implementation of rigorous dictatorships - where one man/woman is seizing absolute control over his/her entire country (the "lone avenger" seems to be a favorite theme to Eris). It was the case of Stalin back in 1927 (during the previous time planet Uranus was conjuncting Eris in Aries) and it is so far (in July 2016) the case of Erdogan in Turkey - who is apparently seizing absolute control over his country, disposing of (or even executing?) his opponents!

Finally, there are two more elements that I personally think that they have somehow contributed to the current hectic "zeigeist" in Europe. The first one is the long stay of planet Mars in the third decan of Scorpio. That's pretty significant on its own but it gets more significant if we notice that Mars is actually forming an opposition aspect to the mysterious, "harsh" planetoid Sedna - that is located in the 3rd decan of Taurus.

The second element is rather a wild guess of mine: planet Nine. If this legendary mega-planet exists at all then chances are it is transiting now (according to the famous astronomer's Mike Brown calculations) somewhere between the signs of Aries and Taurus.Thus, it might very well be in the third decan of Aries, forming a unique triple conjunction with the planets Uranus and Eris! Undoubtedly, such a conjunction would create a very particular "zeitgeist" worldwide! 

In any case, the decade of 2010's seems very reminiscent of the 1930's decade (astrologically speaking). Thus, some even larger-scale events might be coming over within the next few years to this old, aristocratic continent consecrated to Jupiter and Europa!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Thursday, 14 July 2016

France under Pluto's (and Mars' Uranus') spell! The Nice massacre

As I had written back in November 2015 (when the Bataclan terrorist attack occured in Paris) the latest horoscope of France (the one of the so called "Fifth Republic") is currently receiving some very hard and deeply transformative astrological influences! These influences are mainly stemming out from transiting Pluto, which is steadily hovering in our days over the Tenth House of France's Fifth Republic chart (6 October 1958, 18:30, Paris) opposing its Moon in Cancer and squaring its Sun in Libra! These are some tremendous cosmic influences!

Not to mention the fact that transiting Uranus is conjuncting the Ascendant of the Fifth Republic, it is squaring its Moon and has been for a considerable amount of time opposing its Libra Sun!

But that's not all! In modern France's."natal" chart (its "basic" national horoscope, the one of the First Republic, 22 September 1792) there is an extremely flammable T-Square between Uranus in 22 degrees Leo - Mars in 26 degrees Scorpio and Pluto in 22 degrees Aquarius (all planets occupying angular Houses and two of them lying over the cusps!).

Without doubt, this T-square has been triggered by the recent long retrograde/ stationary/direct course of the bellicose planet Mars - going back and forth for a couple of months now in the third decan of Scorpio! Actually, both transiting Moon and Mars (in Scorpio) were triggering on the day of the fatal Nice's attack (July 14, 2016) that ultra flammable T-Square in France's "natal" chart!

Thomas Gazis

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Planet "Nine": the next "Big Kahuna" in astrology!

An artist's depiction of planet "Nine" as envisioned by scientists (Credit: Caltech/ R. Hurt (IPAC))

Many extraordinary discoveries go largely unnoticed at the time they occur. Take for example the discovery of planet Uranus in 1781. Not very many astrologers realized back in 1781 that this new, outlandish planet - which actually upset the millennia old established astrological model of the seven "planets" in our Solar System - would ensue a gigantic leap for astrology! For decades (and even centuries) after the discovery of Uranus the astrologers continued erecting their horoscopes as before, by using the traditional set of planets and paying little attention to the "misfit" planet Uranus. But today it would be unthinkable for an astrologer who practices modern astrology not to include Uranus (and Neptune and Pluto) in a chart! These three "transcendental" planets have tremendously enriched our interpretative capacities and it was a pitty that the astrologers of those generations did not take advantage of their enormous potentiality.

Maybe we are bound to repeat that mistake, this time with the so called planet "Nine"! You see, in the last couple of decades - and especially from 2003 on - we are discovering in the far reaches of our Solar System so many celestial bodies (Sedna, Eris, Makemake, Quaoar, Orcus and many other objects bearing numbers instead of names) that we are beginning to lose count and interest in them. Somehow, it feels like we are back in 1781! But this time we have to carefully evaluate these newly found bodies, so that we promptly determine their astrological value. Personally, I think that we should start with planet "Nine", which actually is a fully fledged planet (and not a dwarf planet like the rest). Planet "Nine" is one of a kind (as I mentioned, it is the ONLY newly found PLANET) and by far stands out among all the other new "kids on the block"! There is a small problem here though: we haven't seen yet this planet!

Odd as it might sound, no human being has set his/her eyes yet on planet "Nine"! And as I am explaining below, for the time being this planet exists purely as a theoretical - intellectual conception. If we ever gaze with our telescopes planet "Nine" then it will be a triumph of the human intelect. Actually, it will be the second time that we will experience a triumph of that kind. Back in 1841 the French astronomer Le Verrier noticed certain discrepancies in the orbit of the newly found planet Uranus and theorized that another giant planet should lie beyond it - exerting its influence over Uranus. He even provided the exact coordinates of this new planet to a German observatory, which consequently discovered the planet Neptune exactly where Le Verrier suggested it would be!

                                                Does planet "Nine" really exist?

To be honest, we are not absolutely sure that planet "Nine" really exists. Even Mike Brown (the famous astronomer who on the 20th of January 2016 made the announcement of planet Nine's "discovery" - on a purely theoretical basis, via mathematical equations and cumputer's simulations) admits that there is a ten per cent chance that planet Nine does not really exist. But on the other hand, there is a bounteous ninety per cent chance that planet Nine is really out there! I might be betting on the wrong "horse" here but I trust Mike Brown. He is an internationally recognized astronomer and he has discovered so many objects in the far reaches of our Solar System that he has definitely got the hang of it. I don't think he would ever publicly announce the existence of planet "Nine" unless he were quite sure about it...

Let me try to explain you as plainly as I can the gist of his theory. Just picture a kids' swing. If such a swing is swinging then we are sure it is not swinging on its own, There must be some force moving it, a force exerted by some phenomenon or entity. It might be a person, a strong wind or even an earthquake. We might not be seeing the entity or the phenomenon producing the force but we clearly see the effect produced by it: the swing swinging. We know that it is impossible for a swing to move unless some force - stemming out of something or somebody -  is exerted upon it. In certain instances we might not have a direct visual contact with the person pushing the swing (there might be ie. a tree lying between us and him/her) but we are pretty sure s/he is there! The very same principle apllies to planet "Nine". We know it is out there because we are seeing - to our astonishment -  six whole dwarf planets "swung" to the overall same direction, without anything else out there being capable of producing such a dramatic effect!

Planet "Nine" swinging the six dwarf planets on the left to an overall same direction

So, we are talking here about a new planet that is located far beyond our known Solar System. By measuring the amount of force this planet exerts over the six "swung" dwarf planets we determine that planet "Nine" should be two to four times bigger than the Earth and 10 times as massive! It is temporarily named "Planet Nine" (it will be properly baptized when captured by our telescopes), because it is the ninth planet in numerical order from the Sun. It comes immediately after Neptune, which is the eighth planet of our Solar System (we shouldn't forget that the body we previouly knew as the "ninth planet", Pluto, has been demoted in 2006 by the Ιnternational Astronomical Union and is currently considered not a proper planet but a dwarf one).

It is like living i.e. in the island Cuba and believing (as our ancestors used to believe before us, for that matter) that Cuba is all that there is, the entire world. And then some day unexpectedly finding out that beyond Cuba lies the vast american continent! That kind of "shock" the astronomers are experiencing nowadays! For generations we used to believe that our "island" (the Solar System we were familiar with) was all that there was and suddenly we discovered a vast "continent" (an immense extended area of our Solar System) lying beyond our "island" (our previously known Solar System)!

The gargantuan orbit of planet "Nine" in respect to our known Solar System

The main difficulty in spotting planet "Nine" lies in its sheer distance from the Sun. As you can see in the picture above, planet "Nine" orbits the Sun in a gargantuan distance that somehow is "off scale" in comparison to the orbits of the planets we are familiar with (in fact, everything about this planet seems to be "off scale"). Actually, planet "Nine" it is so remote that the astronomers estimate it would appear something like a 1000 times fainter than Pluto (and if you know how faint Pluto appears in our telescopes - just a few pixels across - then we are talking here about something that is extremely faint)! Obviously planet "Nine" reflects a very limited amount of sunlight, thus even to our most sensitive telescopes - if they ever serendipitously focus on this "ghostly" planet - it will be extremely difficult to distinguish it from the background of the "all starry" sky. In addition, planet "Nine" should be pretty much frozen, meaning that its thermal "trail" is not easily detectable by our radio telescopes. So, it might take years before we "physically" discover this majestic object.

Some people might say then: why should we care for such a remote planet that even to our strongest telescopes  appears as a minuscule dot? Well, the answer is that astrology does not seem to care that much about distances. The planets of our known Solar System - which are much closer to us than planet Nine- do not actually affect us astrologically by their gravitational tug. If that was the case then - as the skeptics are claiming -  an obstetrician would exert on the infant a much stronger gravitational tug with his/her body mass than any other heavenly body! So it is not the very proximity of a planet that makes it astrologically "active". It rather is a complex web of cosmic interrelations. Think of Pluto: it is a tiny object very far away from us but still it is tremendously affecting us! Let alone planet Nine, which is 5000 more massive than Pluto! In any case, it would be ridiculous for us astrologers to be giving credit to "space boulders" like i.e. the asteroids "Arachne" or "Eros" and ignore such a majestic and domineering celestial body like planet "Nine"!

Actually, planet "Nine" seems to be the absolute king of this newly discovered, unimaginably huge area that lies well beyond our known Solar System. It is gravitationally dominating vast reaches of this over-extended area. Beyond any doubt, this is an omnipotent celestial body, which is subduing several dwarf planets dictating them the orbits they follow...

                                  The astrological properties of planet "Nine"

Determining the astrological properties of a somehow "ghostly" planet that we have just theoretically "discovered" - and that we haven't even set our eyes on - would normally be a task next to impossible! In fact, it took several decades - and even centuries - to guess, then  "distill" and finally determine the specific astrological properties of each of the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. But this rather long process ultimately handed over to us a valuable practical "kit", that turns to be very useful in determining the properties of a newly found celestial body. You see, in retrospective and after so many years that the astrologers were eagerly striving to detect the properties of the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto we realized that "synchronicity" is a crucial elementt. So, we should carefully examine every single set of events, every process or even intricacy occurring around the time a celestial object is discovered. Additionally, we realized that the astronomical reality of a celestial body has much to do with its astrological nature. Armed with these notions we will attempt now to guess some eventual properties of planet "Nine"!

First of all, planet "Nine" is a purely theoretical conception, a discovery made possible thanks to the human intellect and the - produced by the human intellect - science of mathematics and astronomy, the advanced computers, astronomical software etc. So, it might be a planet exalting the human intellect and endowing the individuals and the generations it is affecting with extraordinary spiritual / intellectual capacities!

And beyond any doubt, this is a "transcendental" planet. We have been already calling "transcendentals" the (astrological) planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Thus, we are aware that we are having here a planet that goes beyond the "transcendental". I don't know what might lie beyond the transcendental but definitely planet "Nine" is the harbinger of a much elevated and profound consciousness. It apparently represents experiences that go beyond the habitual spectre of life and is probably "attracting" some unusual or even extreme to our everyday perception events (often of an inner dimension). Such a "hyper-transcendental" planet might be an agent of tremendous evolution for the human beings, although the individuals themselves might be experiencing the initial stages of such evolution as an acute suffering and constant adversion. In such a transcendental realm the concept of "duality" is largely eased off and the polar opposites look ever more the same!  

Planet "Nine" is a distinctively "generational", collective planet. It acts mostly on a collective level and its impact would be more obvious over the human generations than on single individuals. All the other planets stay in a sign just a few years, not enough time to "stamp" a generation with the distinguished "frequency" of their permanence in that sign. Only Pluto might stay up to 31 years in a sign - and this period stands on the fringes of what we might call a generation's time span. Sometimes though Pluto stays just for 12 years in a sign and that's not enough time to produce a distinct "astrological stamp" for that generation. Till now we did not have a planet staying in a sign for say a century, a planet vibrationally "marking" an entire epoch for humanity (i.e. there is no known planet that can be accounted for - on its own - for the epoch of the roman empire). But that might change now, as planet "Nine" remains in certain signs for entire centuries (it might orbit the Sun in a period of 15.000 years)!

Michael Brown hypothesizes that planet "Nine" might currently be somewhere in the constellation of Cetus - which corresponds to the zodiacal signs of Aries/ early Taurus. It is very probable then that planet "Nine" was transiting in the sign of Aries during the two last world wars (together with Eris and Sedna, you may see my relative article here), marking with its presence in Aries one of the most bloody and bellicose periods in the history of humankind (with almost 70 million human casualties)! ...Isn't clear now in retrospective the sheer madness we have been through in that grim period of the two most large scale, destructive wars in the history of humanity?

Planet "Nine" is definitely a planet of power, somehow fatally dictating its will upon the individuals and especially upon the generations it is affecting.

It is also a planet long heralded by different names and forms! As "Planet X", as a stellar "Nemesis", as "Tyche"etc. Thus, it might have to do with the attribute of "heralding" things, situations, entities. It might be also teaching us that a true entity might be concealed behind different names and appearances, which are ultimately reflecting just partial facets of it!

Oddly enough, planet “Nine” seems to be connected to all of the transcendental planets/dwarf planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eris! In addition, it somehow summarizes certain of their properties. First of all, it is much reminiscent of planet Uranus, because (as Uranus back in 1781) it is ushering us now into a vast new area of our Solar System, an area that we had never imagined it existed. It is thus a “system's breaker”, a somehow subversive, revolutionary planet that is awaking us to new vast dimensions!

It has some obvious similarities with planet Neptune too! You see, both planets were “discovered” first on a theoretical level, due to the perturbations they were exerting over some other celestial bodies that had already been discovered by the astronomers. And they were "physically" discovered later on (or so we hope for planet "Nine").

In addition, planet “Nine” is intrinsically connected to Pluto, because it actually took its place as the ninth planet of our Solar System (since Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet back in 2006). There shouldn't be a ninth planet after all, but thanks to this new giant planet the order is apparently restored and Pluto is somehow vindicated! Not to mention that planet “Nine” seems to be a "dark” king, the king of a very dark region of the "extended" Solar System. And as we know, Pluto is considered the king of the underworld. So, there is an intimate, “semiotical” kind of connection between planet “Nine” and Pluto!

Finally, planet “Nine” seems to have some kinship with the newly found dwarf planet Eris. You see, both these objects have been somehow “unwanted”. Eris was the only deity that was not invited in a crucial - according to greek mythology - marriage. And planet “Nine” was apparently kicked out of our known Solar System some billions of years ago – due to the gravitational tug of our known giant planets. So, planet “Nine” seems to have been somehow redundant to our Solar System and for that reason it was kicked out in its farthest reaches! It might thus be astrologically representing the traits of being unwanted, kicked out and redundant...


The impact of the definite, visual discovery of  planet "Nine" will be enormous for astrology.  You see, at least as early as 2005 a quest has begun from the part of the international astrological community on the astrological properties of the newly found planetoids Sedna, Eris etc. The astrologers worldwide have been  trying to understand how important these planetoids are and whether or not should they include them in their charts - and how should they interpret them. When we come down though to planet "Nine" we don't deal with just a small planetoid but with a proper giant planet, perhaps four times larger than our Earth! Therefore, planet "Nine" carries a particular astrological weigh and it is imperative to determine as early as we can its actual position in the sky and its overall astrological properties. Then, we should permanently include it in our astrological softwares and the horoscopes we erect!

When an extraordinary dicovery is made people feel they are living in exciting times! Provided they realize the fact that the relevant discovery is extraordinary. And we - today's astrologers - are lucky to live in such an exciting epoch, when the discovery of planet "Nine" was made!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Greek astrologers sentenced to 6 months of jail for insulting and libelling Thomas Gazis

On March 18, 2016 the greek astrologers Thanasis Matsotas, Katerina Saloniki and Dimitris Koronakis were tried at the 8th Athens magistrate's court, for the charges of unprovokedly insulting, defamating and libelling astrologer Thomas Gazis (charges pressed against the accused by Thomas Gazis back in 2010).

Both Matsotas and Saloniki were sentenced to six months of jail each!

Personally, I am not complaining at all for this court's sentence. It was fair enough. To make you realize though the full extent of this case I would like you to consider another fact: due to the current greek legal framework the court tried the three accused on the basis of a single insulting and defamatory post of theirs - with its relative comments - published against Thomas Gazis on their blog "Astrosymmorites" ("Astrogang") within a small time frame (three months prior to the date when the charges were pressed - on May 17, 2010 in my case). But both before and after that critical period (February 17, 2010 to May 17, 2010) the Matsotas, Saloniki and Koronakis trio had published hundreds of insulting, derogatory and even life threatening posts and comments, on their blogs "Astrosymmorites" ("Astrogang") and "Ouranitsa eh Ophiuchos" ("Celestina the Viperial"). 

Most of these posts and comments were submitted to the court but they were only marginally taken in consideration, as they had "expired". You see, to the greek legal system if you want to be fully justified in the case of somebody insulting and libelling you on the Internet you should be constantly pressing charges against him/her every three months (and then consequently attend all the corresponding trials)! Thus, in my case I should have being pressing charges against the accused every 3 months for the last 10 years - and thus attend 40 seperate trials!

You may read though some of these posts and comments and draw your own conclusions. On May 27, 2008 Matsotas and Saloniki (the court identified the two as the sole moderators of their blog) published on their blog "Astrosymmorites" a post where they are explicitely threatening my life! See it for your self:

                                "Keep it well in mind...I AM NOT used in losing! You are 
                                playing with me now! I WILL EXTERMINATE you!
                                And don't think that I am just threatening you (as the idiot 

                                you are)...BE SURE OF IT!!!"

When Matsotas and Saloniki saw that I republished this specific post of theirs in various pages  - so that many people see it and determine their quality as human beings - they deleted it! After a few days though they wrote another post where they - rather  unwittingly - are admitting that they had already launched threats against my life. As they were publicly exposed though, in this newer post of theirs they attempted to downplay the extent of the threats. They quoted in it the above phrase in red and they additionally wrote:

                                  "Tommy boy you shouldn't overestimate your self! 
                                    There are other means of extermination 
                                     beside the physical ones!"

The third member of the trio is Dimitris Koronakis. He was acquitted from the charge, due to circumstantial evidence in that one and only critical post of theirs. But to my knowledge, in the long term he is as guilty as the other two.  He wrote for example a comment in that "downplaying" post of theirs, as "Ouranitsa the Ophiuchos" (the court identified him behind this nickname). And in that comment Koronakis not only he did not condemn the appalling threats of his two friends and associates but - in the spirit of fully endorsing them - he wrote a defamatory and insulting comment against me :

                                                 "Every town has its own circus!"

(If you yourself or somebody you know speaks greek, you may read (or at least try to "google translate")  the relevant publication and its comments by clicking here. Allow a few seconds for the "Photobucket" full image to load. Initially it will look like a narrow strip. You may zoom on it by clicking the magnifying lens you will see on the "Photobucket" tools).

("Astrocat" is the nickname by which Katerina Saloniki comments to both the blogs "Astrosymmorites" and "Ouranitsa eh Ophiuchos". "La Pelle Noir" is Thanasis Matsotas nickname).

Αs I mentioned before, when we come down to Dimitris Koronakis ( alias "Ouranitsa eh Ophiuchos", "Uranus", "Uranialb", "Vanessa the scorpion", "Vanessa111" etc.) my testimony is that he is as guilty as Matsotas and Saloniki for insulting and libelling me (that's why I pressed charges against him as well). But ultimately due to the existing greek legal framework he was tried just over a single post and acquitted because the evidence on that specific post was circumstancial! In no way though this tantamounts to his overall innocence. Just take a look below at a post published on the "Astrosymmorites" ("Astrogang)" blog, entitled "Thomas Gazis the buffoon of the astrological scene"

In this specific post the duet Matsotas- Saloniki are writing:

"This post has been written with the consent and cooperation of "Thanasis Matsotas", "Katerina Saloniki" and "Dimitris Koronakis"! 

And further on:

"Dimitris Koronakis is a friend and associate of Yianis (John) Rizopoulos is as well"...

(If you yourself or somebody you know speaks greek, you may read (or at least try to "google translate")  the relevant publication and its comments by clicking here. Allow a few seconds for the "Photobucket" full image to load. Initially it will look like a narrow strip. You may zoom on it by clicking the magnifying lens that you will see on the "Photobucket" tools).


All in all, Dimitris Koronakis has written and republished hundreds of defamatory and insulting against me posts and comments, both in his blog "Ouranitsa eh Ophiuchos" (in which both Matsotas and Saloniki were frequently commenting) and in the "Astrosymmorites" blog of Matsotas - Saloniki. You may take a look at one of Koronakis own defamatory and insulting against me post below, where in one of his comments he is advising me to "stop being delusional and start writing something creative, even of bad quality" (according to Koronakis' opinion that much I can do). Furthermore, in that same comment Koronakis is urging me "to put a champagne bottle into my "sewer"" (as a famous greek porn star did)!

(If you yourself or somebody you know speaks greek, you may read (or at least try to "google translate")  the relevant publication and its comments by clicking here. Allow a few seconds for the "Photobucket" full image to load. Initially it will look like a narrow strip. You may zoom on it by clicking the magnifying lens you see on the "Photobucket" tools).

Literally HUNDREDS of insulting  and libelling posts and comments of Matsotas, Saloniki and Koronakis have been preserved. For the time being though the once here are sufficient to give you an idea ...

The only witness who the three of them managed to bring to the court is Evita Zachariadou, who told shameless lies to the court, the same lies that Matsotas, Saloniki, Koronakis and their associates have been propagating over me for the last ten years (that "I do not know astrology", that "I quarrel with everybody", that "I behave hysterically" - their favorite version is that I am a psycopath - that "I destroyed all their efforts to form an astrological collective entity", that I am a "money grubber" etc. etc.). Ms. Zacahariadou though did not convince the court...

Thomas Gazis

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

SOCIETY AS OUR SURROGATE FAMILY (the vital "Vertical Axis" of the Zodiac)

Every time I yield to the temptation of eating a delicious Greek candy I find myself crossing a high speed avenue, in order to get to my favorite pastry shop. There is a footbridge crossing over to the other side of that avenue and I often use the elevator to get up to it. The elevator is a modern, see through one (even playing some lounge music). Inexplicably though (or not that much so) it is vandalized! Its glass paneling is broken at various points, as if wildly kicked or clubbed...And there is graffiti all over. It somehow makes me sad to see a communal benefit like this elevator in such a state. You see, all the citizens of my area are benefiting from it, thus it should be kept as clean and intact as possible. Not everybody though is thinking it that way. To some it is rather a target where they are unleashing their rage...But why?

I am pondering on this every time I get in that elevator...I am thinking of who those people might be, who are venting their anger over that defenseless elevator...Most probably they are young – you see the older ones are more “socially conformed”. Maybe these are some youngsters whose father/mother did not give them the pocket money they were expecting. Or maybe their parents are quarreling and do not pay enough attention to their particular adolescent/ post-adolecent needs...Or maybe some girls spurned them out..Who knows...All we can see is their rage that is permanently impressed upon the elevator's glass paneling...For some reason these people are blowing off steam on that defenseless elevator, vandalizing a communal good.

I have studied some psychology and I can see a sort of “freudian transfer” going on here. In reality, these youngsters would like to confront face to face their indifferent parents, their tough bosses or the spurning girls so that they pay them back the emotional pain they have experienced. But for various reasons they cannot - and this makes them even more furious. So, they are resorting to a feasible to them alternative solution: to damage communal goods they can lay their hands on! Like this elevator, which their parents, spurning girls, or bosses will eventually make use of - indirectly receiving thus their rage. So, these guys in order to avenge their own privately induced emotional pain are ultimately “damaging” society at large!

The fact is that this kind of “rage transfer” is not limited just to the hot-tempered youngsters. The older ones have their fair share too! There is on Youtube a documentary on the worst spy in the history of the USA. It is entitled: "Most Dangerous Double Agent in FBI History - Robert Philip Hanssen".Hanssen (an Aries man with Moon in Pisces) was for 20 years selling vital USA secrets to the Russians! During his childhood his father – a tough and aloof Chicago police officer – was constantly disparaging and humiliating him! And after his arrest Hanssen confessed to the bureau's psychiatrist that the FBI was filled with characters just like his father, “authoritarian, demanding, never willing to praise or reward him”! That is why he decided to hit back and with no remorse betray his very country, damaging it beyond all means! I was impressed by the fact that Hanssen “transferred” his grudge towards his father over the entire FBI personnel! And furthermore, that he ultimately sought to avenge his painful early years by damaging his entire country! From an astrological point of view, I perceived a strong “Cancer - Capricorn axis” emphasis being at play here.

                         Cancer - Capricorn: the vital “Vertical Axis” of the Zodiac

The signs of Cancer and Capricorn are called "cardinals". The two are located the one across the other in the zodiac circle (diametrically opposite). They constitute the "vertical Axis" of the zodiac (or a zodiacal “Tree of Life”). Cancer is located at the basis of that axis (at the lowest point of the zodiac) and Capricorn at the top of the axis (at the highest point of the zodiac). Actually, the Cancer - Capricorn “polar duet” is forming (as every other zodiacal “polar duet”, for that matter) a sort of a “Yang - Yin” pair. These two cardinal signs are constantly interacting but at the same time are ever found in a dynamic equilibrium as a whole - seen from the outside. Each sign is somehow “reflected” into the other. And every change in one of them is triggering a “counteract” change in the other. We could say that there is a “recompensatory process” taking place among these two cardinal archetypes. And in this “recompensatory process” ultimately lies the reason why we are transferring (positively or negatively) our privately-induced emotional states onto the wider society!

According to psychology, our early years in life are extremely important. They constitute the foundation upon which our entire adult personality is based. Our childhood experiences mold and shape the “spinal chord”of our adult temperament, state of mind, overall character. And it is next to impossible for an adult to be well balanced, emotionally sound, mentally alert, confident in him/herself, open to the people around him/her and happy unless s/he has been properly loved, nurtured, encouraged and stimulated during his early years in life. In the horoscope these fundamental loving and nurturing energies are archetypally set in the sign of Cancer / in the Fourth House (the cusp of which was called by the hellenistic astrologers “Hypogeion” - basement that is). Not by chance the sign of Cancer lies at the very lowest part of the zodiac - such a position is explicitely stating the Cancer's “fundamental” nature for us humans.

So, the “watery” sign of Cancer harbors the all important for our development and formation energies of loving and nurturing. But then, by extrapolation this implies that its diametrically (polar) opposite sign of Capricorn not only does not encompass such energies but it pretty much lacks them! We could actually say that the sign of Capricorn is harboring energies that are as alien as they can get from the ones of loving and nurturing (not by chance the Moon, the “planet” ruling the sign of Cancer, is characterized as “Debilitated” when located in the sign of Capricorn)! But if such an hypothesis holds any water then we are facing a serious problem here. Because we are having a zodiacal sign that is not providing to its “holders” some very fundamental and vital for their well being energies!

How can this be? Is the sign of Capricorn a “flawed” one? Well, foremost astrologers like Dane Rudhyar and Liz Greene - who are specialized in psychological astrology - have extensively written about the profound insecurities and complexes characterizing the planet Saturn, which is ruling the sign of Capricorn (meaning that those saturnine complexes are somehow embedded in Capricorn). No doubt that a person that did not receive his/her due amount of loving and nurturing in his childhood might very well harbor serious psychological deficiencies in his/her adult character. But as we explained before, the polar opposite signs develop what we might call a “recompensatory process”. Thus, the sign of Capricorn in order to redress its lack of cancerian nurturing energies has developed a very particular “recompensatory mechanism” that I will explain below! If it didn't possess that mechanism then we should call Capricorn a seriously flawed zodiacal sign!

                         The deprived early years of the archetypal Capricorn

Although I don't have in my hands a survey officially attesting this, all my life I have been encountering Capricorns having a problematic relation with the entity we call “family”. They are often coming from cold, strict, aloof, poor families and during their childhood they have experienced all kinds of hardships. They lost their father or mother early, their parents were very demanding and disciplinarian, ever enforcing on them duties and in general some heavy for their childish shoulders burdens. And they had lived in a somehow “sterile” family environment, where there was very little room for the display of affection or joy and where they received very little encouragement or praise. And what is even worse, there are characteristic cases of Capricorns who were completely abandoned by their parents and who grew up in the cold and impersonal environment of an orphanage!

I recently watched the interview of a famous Capricorn who confessed to the hostess that for very long in his life when he was seeing children who had even one of their parents by their side he was feeling completely shattered! In every single such occurrence he was overcome by a sense of colossal injustice and taken over by a heavy grievance. The pain was unbearable, an obviously recurring pain that bred in him a lifelong resentment against every single kid that had a parent/parents. And this ultimately led to a general resentment against the entire society!

We would expect from this Capricorn man to become a bad lot in his adult life. Surprisingly though he did not. Fueled by his inner bitterness and fervently seeking to rectify the unfathomable injustice he suffered (being abandoned by both his parents) he worked very hard after he left the orphanage. He remained largely undistracted by the usual youth enjoyments, outings and “idle living”. With the substantial amount of money he earned he enrolled in a prestigious acting school. He was rehearsing for hours and hours in front of his mirror, becoming a shining example in the acting school. He then began his career by initially taking small roles in theatrical plays or in the movies (knowing him I believe that he shrewdly used all his connections and devices - especially his charm - to get the jobs and rise high). Gradually he became a well known and respected name and he is today a leading actor in major theatrical plays. Thus, he is daily basking in the applause of the spectators, who are ever admiring and loving him – in a way his actually non-existent parents never did! He has had his own family and kids too but he is actually divorced. He is receiving though so much love and adoration by the wider society! That's Capricorn at its best!

Ultimately, what led this man to excel is the fact that he applied in his life the “recompensatory proces” I mentioned before. He didn't have a family and that element alone might have totally crippled him. But he somehow transmuted his colossal resentment and turned it into a driving force, into a fervent desire to achieve important things in his life and distinguish himself both professionally and socially. As a Capricorn he instinctively knew the “secret” that even if someone never had a family of his own, life is offering him/her a second chance to have one. And I am not implying here just the family we may create with our own partner. The secret is that society itself is acting as a sort of surrogate family to us!

You see, when you have a good professional/social reputation then society treats you really well (even if you don't have a lot of money in your pocket)! It treats you that well and “tender” almost as if it were your maternal family! Let's say you are a well known doctor/lawyer in your area (all too often people with strong Capricornian elements in their chart become doctors). Wherever you go you will be meeting people paying attention to you, greeting you or even complimenting you (for curing them or their relatives, for winning their case in the court etc.)!

Even more so, when you are a famous doctor/lawyer etc and you visit i.e. some restaurant or music hall you will be drawing the attention of the entire personnel over you! Obviously, it will be an honor (and a very effective marketing) for the specific restaurant, the music hall etc. to have a recognizable, respected citizen, a sort of celebrity in their premises. So, as soon as this (even local) celebrity comes over they will lead him/her (and his/her eventual company) to the very best table, they will offer him/her the best service possible, they will grant him/her the most delicious plates. Thus the restaurant or the music hall owners and personnel will be treating this distinguished citizen with much care, interest, warmth, almost as if they were his/her own paternal/maternal family!

                                       Transmuting Society into our Family!

This is a very interesting but relatively uncharted aspect of the human nature! There is out there a somehow indestructible, perennial “family” of ours waiting to pamper and reward us (if we have been “good children” of course. I am explaining this in the next paragraph)! Even if we were allotted the cruel fate of not having a maternal/paternal family of our own, there is still a future for us, because later on in our lives we are given - thanks to the Capricorn's “recompensatory process”- a chance to turn the entire society into our “family”!
But there is a catch here. Society is not acting as a surrogate family to everyone but only to its most distinguished members (in reality, society may become extremely tough and ruthless to an average Joe)! It is its most renowed members the ones who society is coddling and pampering, in the way a mother is coddling and pampering her children. Capricorns are very much aware of this fact, that's why they are ever striving to excel and become important in life, both professionally and socially.

So, behind every ambition, behind every professional/social achievement of ours lies a fervent desire to turn society into our “family”! Let me explain this in more detail. Being a doctor or a lawyer are two of the highest esteemed and top ranked professions in our society. But you are not becoming a doctor because you like your patients' debilitating conditions. Nor because you love being interrupted in your coziest moments by emergency calls. Likewise, you don't become a lawyer because you desire to be continuously annoyed by some actually indifferent to you and stressful affairs regarding other people... In all honesty, you become a doctor or a lawyer for the prestige and the money of it! You emerge as a doctor/lawyer etc. mainly because you want to become socially important, to be admired and respected by the people around you. There is a strong egotistical drive hidden behind such a wish and obviously it is not by chance that Mars - the planet of raw egotistical drive - is exalted in the sign of Capricorn!

Somehow and to a certain extent, there is a “shortcoming”, a “complex” hidden behind our desire to “achieve” in the wider world! The more we have been “denied” things in our early years the more motivated (cosntructively or destructively) we become in our adult life. Thus, indeed some kind of “flaw” lies at the core of our successes. Of course I am not excluding here the eventuality of a well pampered in its childhood individual achieving important things (professionally/socially) in its adult life. All I am saying is that the individuals who did not receive much affection and rewards in their childhood are more motivated to achieve things in their adult lives.

You see, when you have had a nice childhood you usually feel complete inside you, you feel good with yourself. You then wish to imminently experience your completeness and share your well-being with the people around you. Thus, you get more easily carried away by the omnipotent allurance of the “here and now”, by the idle chatting of casual companies (especially if they comprise members of the sex you are attracted to), by any carefree situation. And if you have been well pampered in your early years then you are more unwilling to engage in activities that give you a hard time and do not immediately reward you! You prefer to live an easy life - at the cost of not accomplishing much. Meaning that the real achievers might ultimately be the ones who are probably feeling a little bit unconfortable within the context of a casual company, who do not get much reward in the “here and now” and who thus prefer to retreat behind the curtains and work hard in order to achieve something “big”. Some big achievement that will ultimately draw upon themselves the society's admiration and pampering.

In a certain sense, the big achievers are actually trying to fill some fundamental “void” in themselves. An illustrious historical case comes to my mind at this point: according to his biographers, Alexander the Great was disparaged by his father Philip, who was bragging that had conquered almost the entire southern-eastern Europe (and it was a great deed back then for a small greek kingdom to have conquered a whole chunk of Europe). But ultimately Alexander exceeded by far his father, as he conquered almost the entire world - or at least the known in his era world! Apparently, his father's scorning became a major motivation for Alexander the Great to accomplish his legendary deeds that will be eternally admired!

We might have never suspected that, but behind every imposing skyscraper or other mega-construction, behind the great missions, the life saving inventions and discoveries lies a more or less wounded child that craves to be admired, recognized and loved by his/her surrogate “mommy”/”daddy” the society! So, somehow all the major accomplishments in the history of humanity are stemming out of some sort of promordial “deficiency” within the soul of the“achievers'”, out of some kind of “complex”! Think though how much our societies have benefitted and advanced out of this inherent human “deficiency”! Think how much behind we would be as humankind if we didn't harbor such a powerful, creative “complex” within our souls!

Thomas D. Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

P.S. This article was first published in Greek. My friend Theo Phalieros assisted me in its English translation
       Since 2010 I have been presenting the ideas of this article in various seminars.

Monday, 14 December 2015

The Antiochus of Commagene Lion Horoscope

Let me introduce you to the larger-than-life half-Greek, half-Armenian ancient king Antiochus I of Commagene. He lived in the first century BCE in Asia Minor (today’s Turkey) and apparently had a keen interest in astrology and hermeticism. Born on the 16th of the Greek-Macedonian month “Audynaios” which roughly corresponds to our month of December, Antiochus of Commagene was most likely a Sagittarius.

This ancient king is somehow in vogue now. I am writing this article in December 2015 in the midst of three topical issues somehow related to him: the bloodied Syria war, the Jewish Hanukkah festival of lights, and Hellenistic astrology.

Antiochus himself might have been a larger-than-life figure, but his kingdom– Commagene—was a minuscule one that was smaller than modern Israel. In his era (1st century BCE), his kingdom was surrounded by menacing empires like the Parthian, the ever-expanding Roman, and the Ptolemaic-Egyptian one.

Geographically, Commagene is situated some 25 miles north of the modern Syrian borders where some bloody conflicts are actually taking place right now and where innumerable refugees are flocking in a desperate attempt to escape the mayhem. This is the first element connecting our regal protagonist to the present.

The second link has to do with a Greek “Seleucid” king who was a successor to Alexander the Great and whose superior army had been defeated by the Maccabean Jews in 165 BCE, the event modern Jews commemorate in their Hanukkah festival.

Coincidentally, that king - also named Antiochus - was an ancestor of the mother of King Antiochus of Commagene! Here then is the second element connecting Antiochus of Commagene to the present period.

And the third link to Antiochus is recently revived Hellenistic Astrology which had apparently held the interest of Antiochus of Commagene at a very deep, esoteric level. In his time, Hellenistic Astrology was beginning to take shape and form through its Mesopotamian roots, especially within the Commagene geographic area very close to Mesopotamia.

Antiochus, who bore the title “Manifest God”--Epiphanes Theos in Greek—was either a megalomaniac or a shrewd politician. Well aware his kingdom was tiny and would eventually be swallowed by giant empires, Antiochus tried artificially to “pump up” his kingdom, to aggrandize and establish in his own way an illustrious “Commagene dynasty.” This goal led Antiochus to commission a rather pharaonic project—the construction of a huge mausoleum atop Mount Nemrut, the highest mountain of Commagene—where he said, “my soul will be eternally dwelling with the gods.”

Using many thousand tons of stones and gravel, his workers actually reshaped the entire mountaintop to resemble a perfect pyramid! They created two separate terraces at the east and west corners and added a similar array of gods’ statues including, remarkably, Antiochus’ statue! Bas reliefs below these gigantic statues recount Antiochus’ mostly fictitious saga. Inside the pyramid, they allegedly placed his tomb.

The lion bas relief at the west terrace is most interesting to us and perhaps to the entire history of astrology. We know the lion from remote antiquity has been a symbol of royalty. But although there are plenty of lion statues on this sanctuary/mausoleum, this specific lion slab is different: It clearly depicts several stars on its surface! In fact, 19 eight-pointed stars are spread all over the body of—and some around—the lion. Not of the same magnitude, some of these 19 stars are bigger, and some are smaller. Such detail cannot be coincidental.

The artist who sculpted this bas relief was good with his hands, and the arrangement of these 19 stars over and around the body of the lion presents another question: Is this arrangement casual and purely decorative, or is there something deeper to be seen? Even an amateur astronomer can tell this arrangement is not casual at all.

More than two millennia have passed since the era of Antiochus of Commagene, but the constellations in the heavens have maintained pretty much the same configuration. Only after tens of thousands of years do they shift significantly. Typically, Greek astronomers commonly observed the constellation of Leo with 19 stars. Knowing this, everything starts fitting in and it makes sense that some stars on this lion slab are bigger and some smaller: they almost perfectly match their true corresponding magnitudes!

So we understand this bas relief is an astronomical depiction that might very well be a sort of deification of the constellation of Leo. But while I am just hazarding a guess, another question comes to mind: How can we possibly be sure that the lion sculpture relief on Mount Nemrut is in reality a horoscope? Surely, it doesn’t look like one, or at least it doesn’t look like the circular horoscopes with the zodiac on the circumference and the planets arranged around it.

If this is a horoscope, then where are the typical horoscopic elements—the planets, the Ascendant, the houses, and so on? Our modern assumptions of a horoscope do not match what we see here. Yet supporting evidence on this bas relief points to the horoscope scenario. One needs a discerning eye - and the notion of some Greek!

We mentioned the presence of 19 stars on this lion slab earlier. In reality, there are 22, but three of them - those hovering over the back of the lion - stand out from the other ones for three reasons:

1) They are much bigger than the rest.
2) They are composed of sixteen-pointed rays, not eight like the other 19 stars.
3) They bear names over them, in Greek. Actually their Greek names are the key to their mysterious nature!

The Greek phrase—ΠΥΡΟΕΙC ΗΡΑΚΛ(ΕΟΥC)–over the left sixteen-pointed “star” means the fiery one of Hercules. Of course this sentence does not make much sense without one’s knowledge of some ancient Greek astronomy or literature. In classical Greece, “the Fiery one” referred to the planet Mars which in ancient Greek texts we often encounter simply as ΠΥΡΟΕΙC—the “Fiery.” We will see below why the full title “the fiery one of Hercules” is displayed here.

The Greek phrase—CΤΙΛΒΩΝ ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΟC—over the central sixteen-pointed “star” means the glittering one of Apollo. But without someone’s knowledge about Greek astronomy or literature, again this sentence will not make much astrological sense. In classical Greece, the name of the planet Mercury was known as “the Glittering one.” We often encounter it in ancient Greek texts simply as CΤΙΛΒΩΝ—the Glittering.

And the Greek phrase–ΦΑΕΘΩΝ ΔΙΟC—over the right sixteen-pointed “star” means: the radiant one of Jupiter. This is the easiest item to identify on the Lion slab because indeed it refers to planet Jupiter. In classical Greece, “the Radiant one” was the name of planet Jupiter. We often encounter it in ancient Greek texts simply as ΦΑΕΘΩΝ – the “Radiant”.

                                  When planets and gods commune

At this point, the Lion slab takes a whole new meaning and becomes apparent that this is not a mere representation of the constellation of Leo, but there is still more to it. It most probably has astrological connotations. Otherwise the three fully named planets over the Lion’s back would make no sense. Why would they inscribe and depict just the planets of Mars, Mercury and Jupiter on the slab? Why not Venus and Saturn too? The latter are conspicuously absent!

The sequence of planets over the lions back might be another important clue. They do not follow the classic sequence—Mercury, Mars, Jupiter—but they are enumerated in this rather erratic manner: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter. Did the sculptor commit an error in the sequence of the planets? Or is the famous scholar Otto Neugebauer correct in claiming the sequence of these planets is either accidental or manneristically repeats the late Babylonian enumeration of the planets—Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Mars? If we omit Venus and Saturn, we get Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, the exact sequence of the planets on the lion slab although mirrored in reverse. I personally think Neugebauer’s assumption does not hold much water. In contrast to what we know today, he lacked some crucial archaeological findings.

I believe the lion slab is “semiotically” connected to the gigantic statues of the deities at the pyramid’s base. At both the eastern and western terraces, the same array of deities is replicated in exactly the same order: the deified Antiochus on the very left, the all=important Greek goddess Tyche—Fortune, Jupiter at the center, Mercury and, finally, Mars on the very right. If we start enumerating these statues from right to left we get Mars, Mercury, Jupiter. That’s exactly the sequence of the three planets on the lion slab!

Of course there are a couple of objections here:

Why should we enumerate the gods/planets at the base of the pyramid from right to left when, on the lion slab, we enumerate the three planets from left to right?

Why are the two major statues/deities—Apollo and Mars—located on the left, the “lesser” side of Jupiter, while a mortal like Antiochus stands on Jupiter’s right, “good” side?

The answer to the second question is simple: The Mesopotamians always took the observers’–the pilgrims in this case—point of view into account, so actually Antiochus stands on the lesser, left side of Jupiter. In the first question, it was a matter of “staging.” Since Jupiter as the king of the gods had to be at the very center of the statues’ array, the only viable option left was to enumerate the Mars-Mercury-Jupiter sequence on the reverse, ending with Mars on the far right. Even so, the lion slab and the array of the statues are intrinsically attuned! The full planetary denomination over the lion’s back—for example, “the glittering one of Apollo” for Mercury—enabled the pilgrims to correlate the lion’s esoteric symbolism to that of the gods’ gigantic statues.

                           A lunar "necklace" - Signs vs  Constellations

There is a last decisive clue on the lion slab we haven’t touched so far. A clearly visible type of sickle-shaped ornament is shown on the lion’s chest. In the long Mesopotamian, and probably global, tradition, a sickle-shape symbolizes the Moon. Here, we can see the message that the lion slab shows the Moon in the constellation of Leo.

This isn’t an astronomical slab but an astrological one commemorating some major event either for Antiochus or the kingdom of Commagene, taking place under the auspices of the constellation of Leo!

Did you notice I’ve been writing “constellation of Leo” instead of “zodiacal sign of Leo?” Although both the constellations and the zodiac are divided into 12 sections bearing the same names, constellations and zodiacal signs are two radically different things. The constellations remain (relatively) fixed on the celestial vault while the zodiacal signs are slowly shifting. Today, for example, the constellation of Leo largely corresponds to that section of the sky where the zodiacal sign of Virgo is. In some 2500 years the constellation of Leo will be corresponding to the zodiacal sign of Libra. That’s why I am cautious with the use of the terms “constellation” and sign”. But by a remarkable coincidence in Antiochus’ times, the tropical and sidereal zodiacs were almost coinciding and were off by just 4 degrees. So astrologically speaking, the “constellation of Leo” and the “zodiacal sign of Leo” were almost the same back then.

To what extent Commagene astrologers were aware of conceptual differences between constellations and the zodiac, we are not sure. Within the realm of the Hellenistic world, Hipparchus had discovered precession of the equinoxes in 130 BCE. From that point on, astrologers had to take a gigantic leap in consciousness to comprehend and assimilate that there was a new “entity” called “zodiacal sign,” which was quite different and independent from its namesake constellation! Generations would definitely pass before astrologers began to adjust to this new idea.

But let’s turn back to the lion slab which obviously depicts a horoscope! To our modern eyes, we may not see it because we instinctively compare it with the modern horoscopic blueprints with which we are familiar—the ones with the zodiacal circle, the planetary symbols, the houses, the Ascendant and so on. But we shouldn’t apply modern preconceptions to artifacts that are more than 2000 years old. At that time, for instance, the Ascendant was a concept not yet developed. There were no astrological houses at least not in the modern sense. Apparently the zodiac had already been invented, but it was handled as a theoretical concept without much usefulness. The astrologers of that era were following old traditions and verbally wrote down planetary positions in the signs, writing the words instead of the symbols.

Those were times of a major transition in astrology. The “omen lore” era where horoscopes consisted of simple planetary omens inscribed on mud-bricks was coming to an end, and the gigantic wave of the new, revolutionary Hellenistic astrology was emerging on the horizon. If we could see Mount Nemrut’s lion slab through the eyes of an educated person in that culture, we would immediately see a very advanced horoscope!

Apparently, this lion slab horoscope serves two major purposes: On one hand, it astronomically marks as a short calendar, the date of some important event. On the other hand, this short “certificate” gives testimony to the event’s having taken place during some extraordinary cosmic occurrence that vibrationally “sealed” it for ever!

But what was that important event and when did it occur?

                                      Determining the date of the "event"

Thanks to the lion horoscope and modern computers, it’s rather easy to establish the date of this unknown event. We are looking for when the Moon and the planets of Mars, Mercury and Jupiter were all in the constellation or zodiacal sign of Leo. We will not get many such dates. And thanks to information provided by the inscriptions at the site, we know this important event was related either to Antiochus or to his father Mithridates who ascended to the throne in 109 BCE. We can further narrow the time frame to the period between 140 BCE and 38 BCE, when Antiochus died. We then can obtain the results you see in the next table:
I immediately dismiss case 2 because Antiochus wasn’t even born in 98 BCE and it doesn’t correspond to any major event in the lives of Antiochus or of Mithridates. It also doesn’t obey the Mars-Mercury-Jupiter sequence we see depicted on the lion slab. I also dismiss case 4 because Antiochus was rather old by then and his Mount Nemrut statue portrays him as a young man. This case also fails to obey the crucial Mars-Mercury-Jupiter sequence.

We are left then with cases 1 and 3. Case 1—July 14th, 109—corresponds to the coronation year of King Mithridates, Antiochus’ father. Some scholars claim the lion horoscope is “cast” for the Mithridates coronation. I disagree. Why would they elect a coronation horoscope, leaving the Sun, the most regal of the “planets” out of the sign/constellation of Leo and in Cancer instead?

Case 3 is the most satisfactory of them all. It not only meets the requirements, the Sun is in the sign/constellation of Leo, the ultimate “certificate” of royalty! But then, very reasonably, you will say to me, “There is no sun depicted on the lion horoscope.” I don’t think that’s true. The entire lion slab depicts the Sun in Leo so there was no need to inscribe the Sun symbol on it.

Such an absolutely rare and unique accumulation of planets in the regal sign of Leo could not have gone unnoticed by an erudite man, well-versed in astrology and hermeticism—our man Antiochus I Theos! Those years were extraordinary from another point of view as well: the regal star Regulus, lying at the “heart” of the Leo constellation a few inches above the lunar “sickle” we identified on the lion slab, had just entered the zodiacal sign of Leo.

Antiochus took full advantage of this extraordinary cosmic occurrence to deify himself and to establish an illustrious dynasty that included the construction of his enormous sanctuary/mausoleum on the summit of Mount Nemrut. He most likely performed a sort of “Theurgy” there on August 3rd, 62 BCE and equaled himself and his dynasty to the gods. This was probably when he gave himself the title of “Epiphanes Theos” —“Manifest God” and propitiated his kingdom. He wasn’t very successful however. A few decades after his death, the Romans annexed Commagene to their huge empire. Nevertheless, the Antiochus monument and the lion horoscope have survived more than 2000 years, still creating fascination in people all over the world. In that sense, the legacy of Antiochus I of Commagene has indeed been immortalized while horoscope of the lion has been a perfect election after all.

Thomas D. Gazis
©2015 Thomas D. Gazis

P.S. This article has been kindly edited by the prominent American Astrologer Michelle Young and is published on her site